Dog boarding

Accommodations for your pet while you are away.  Includes multiple potty breaks throughout the day and meal times in the morning and evening. Additional activities including group playtime, fetch, walks, and other special services are available upon request at an additional charge (see below).  Our facility has staff living on-site.

Rates START at $25 PER DAY, PER DOG.  They are based on weight and will vary accordingly. Call for detailed estimates. 


cats Boarding

 Currently unavailable and will be updated as soon as new accommodations are available for our feline friends! Sorry for any inconvenience.






what we provide

At The Dog House we try to make it as easy as possible for our clients by providing food and water bowls, blankets, beds, and even litter boxes and litter for our feline friends. 

We do also have house food available for dogs and cats for an additional charge of $1 per meal.


Please submit vaccinations to include: Rabies and DAPPv and Bordetella (We require the Bordetella every 6 months). 

Puppies are required to have 3 rounds of puppy DHPP vaccinations before they can board at our facility.

 For your felines please submit vaccinations to include: FVRCP and Rabies. 


A $25 deposit is required for boarding and grooming reservations.  Deposit is non-refundable within 10 days of your reservation

This deposit will be applied towards your bill at check out.


A Day At The Dog House

A typical day depends on our dogs and their activity level. As dog lovers, we are geared to make sure they get the most of our attention. We get to know each dog, even if just here for a weekend getaway. We offer group and individual playtime activities! Playtime consists of employee supervised and/ or participation in free time/run time/ toy time in our large yard outback or a nice long leash walk out front.  All dogs or dog families get a separate potty area in an outdoor run that they use 4-5 times per day. 

7am-8:30am: Every dog gets a potty break before breakfast while the staff sanitizes the entire kennel. Once the cleaning is finished they are brought back in for morning feeding time and morning meds, if needed. 

8:30am-10am: The dogs rest in their kennels after eating breakfast and this is when all baths for dogs leaving that day are done, so that they can be ready to go home by anytime after 12pm that day. 

10am-1pm: Playtime rotation occurs and staff takes dogs scheduled for group or individual activities out for their scheduled activity of the day. This is also when daycare (group playtime) is done and the dogs take a nap in their indoor kennels once they are tired. The dogs not scheduled for any activities go outside in their individual runs to enjoy the weather and take a potty break, but time spent outside depends on the individual dog as well as the weather that day.

2pm-3pm: We begin rotating all dogs for potty breaks and more playtime for dogs scheduled and other dogs boarding if there is free time available. Another daycare happens around this time as well. Time varies depending on the amount of dogs, individual needs, and the weather. After being brought back in the dogs rest in their kennels until dinner time. 

4:30pm-5pm: Evening meals are served. We juggle back and forth until the day ends with all dogs getting back out for the last time of the day before being tucked in to their comfy spots for the night. All dogs sleep inside a climate controlled kennel. There is a staff member that comes back out to check on the dogs after closing around 9pm or so to make sure all is well for the night. We come back in the morning and it all starts again! 

Add-on services


$5/day scheduled

A nice break from our normal boarding routine spent fetching one of our toys that we keep in the play yard for at least 15 minutes. You can bring your own toy for them to fetch as well.


$5/day scheduled

A 15 minute walk around on our large property with a staff member. Feel free to bring a specific harness or collar if you wish us to use it for their walks.

Playtime Daycare

$5/day scheduled

Go out with all of the dogs present for daycare and participate in all the daycare activities of the day. Usually 2-3 daycare sessions each day at least 30 minutes or longer.  Must meet daycare requirements.

Picture Updates

$5/family per day scheduled

We will take photos of your pets throughout the day and send about 4-6 photos at the end of business day that was scheduled for an update. We will include a brief update of their stay as well. We can send them via text or email, whichever is preferred.


$1 per medication administered

$2 per medication if time-sensitive i.e. insulin, phenobarbital

We charge for each medication administered. We will ask upon drop off how often the medication needs to be given and for any instructions.

Special Requests

$5 and up per request

This encompasses anything that is not a normal service that we offer. Including extensive food prep, late night checks, etc.

Transportation services available for up to 10 miles away from facility. Price varies based on distance and number of passengers. Call for details.