grooming services

full-service groom

A full-service groom includes a trim of your choice, a bath with our signature shampoo and conditioning cream rinse, a brush/blow out, and a nail trim. A la carte services (listed below) can be added on for an additional cost, unless they are already included in the full-service groom.

Drop off is between 7:00-8:00am on the day of your scheduled appointment. 

Price may vary based upon coat condition and level of difficulty when handling.

Full-groom starting prices are:

Small dogs (<20 lbs) $55

Medium dogs (21-55 lbs) $65

Large dogs (56-80 lbs) $75

X-Large dogs (80+ lbs) $85

Please call our office or drop by anytime during business hours for more information and/or to schedule and appointment!



bath & brush

A bath with our signature shampoo and conditioning cream rinse and a 5-10 minute brush depending on the coat. If more brushing is required it can be done for an additional cost.  Certain dogs might need a full-service groom depending on the breed and coat condition of the dog. A la carte services can be added on for an additional cost. Hypoallergenic and oatmeal shampoo/conditioner available upon request. We can also use medicated shampoo/conditioner that is brought by owner.

Walk-ins welcome if they arrive before 12pm and have current vaccinations.

Long hair/Undercoat add $5 to starting prices

Bath & Brush (weight-based) starting prices are:

<20 lbs $25

21-55 lbs $30

56-80 lbs $35

81+ lbs $40




 A $25 deposit is required for each dog that has a full-service grooming appointment scheduled. You will not have a grooming spot reserved until you pay your deposit and have sent us all information regarding up-to-date vaccinations. Deposit is non-refundable within 72 hours of your appointment. 



 Please submit vaccinations to include: Rabies and DAPPv and Bordetella (We require the Bordetella every 6 months).

Due to a new law we can no longer contact your vet requesting any medical information (including vaccinations) without your written consent to your vet. 


a la carte services

These can be services performed in addition to a full-service groom (if not already included) or done independently of a full-service grooming appointment. 


Nail Trim


Dremelled/ filed nails.  Nail Trimmers used when necessary.  Monday-Saturday.

Sanitary Trim


A shaving or close trim around the potty area, using clippers. Keeping the hair short around these areas will help prevent feces or urine getting trapped in the fur and, for females, can help keep the vulva free from a rash.

Hairy Feet Trim


A shaving of the hair between the toes and paw pads on the bottom of your dog’s feet. Keeping this hair short keeps the dirt, debris, and mats from forming between their paw pads which can be very uncomfortable for your dog.

Gland Expression


Anal gland expression which can either be done internally or externally upon request. If you just want us to check if needed we will do so and not charge you if the glands are empty.



Medicated Ear Cleaner and Deodorant.  Help to loosen and dissolve ear wax, clean the external ear canal and reduces odors.  Alcohol-Free. The price varies depending on the amount of ear wax present and if plucking ear hair is required. 

furminator session

$5 per 10 minutes

Additional brushing, de-shedding, or furminating.  This usually is an add-on to the bath & brush service or if there are a lot of mats on a dog scheduled for a full-service groom. This also includes a blow-out with our high-powered grooming blow dryer to help loosen any undercoat prior to brushing.