Daycare & Overnight Dog Lodging


A fun-filled day for your pet to burn excess energy.  Includes one on one playtime with employees, leash walks around the property and possibly playtime with other compatible pets at daycare Monday-Friday 7am-6pm and Saturday 7am-2pm


Accommodations for your pet while you are away.  Includes multiple daily activities including playtime, exercise, potty breaks, and twice daily mealtimes unless instructed otherwise.

A Day At The Dog House

A typical day depends on our dogs and their activity level. As dog lovers, we are geared to make sure they get the most of our attention. We get to know each dog, even if just here for a weekend getaway.  Playtime consists of employee supervised and/or participation in free time/run time/ toy time in our large yard outback or a nice long leash walk out front.  All dogs or dog families get a separate potty area as well.

First thing in the morning, every dog gets a potty break before breakfast while the staff sanitizes the entire kennel.

10am to 1pm is playtime rotation then nap time.  In the afternoon, between 2pm to 6pm we start another round playtime. Evening meals are served at the end of the day.  All dogs sleep inside a climate controlled kennel.

Baths, Nails, and Spa


Drop in baths includes massaging shampoo followed by conditioning cream rinse and blow dry Monday-Saturday

Baths can be scheduled for boarding dogs the day they depart.


Dremelled/ filed nails.  Nail Trimmers used when necessary.  Monday-Saturday.

Nails can be scheduled for boarding dogs for the day they depart.

Spa Treatment

Fun, activity filled daycare plus a massaging bath and nails. Drop off early and pick up late.